Saturday, February 2, 2013

Today's New Soaps

Orange Cocoa Coffee Soap

Ingedients are Cocoa, Fresh Coffee Grounds,
Pure Orange Essential Oil and Ground Orange Peel in it....
The Carrier oils are Olive, Coconut, Palm and Castor
*Cocoa is found in plants that promote healthy cellular tissue throughout the body....known as flavonoids
*The caffeine found in coffee Soaps & Scrubs typically increases blood flow
and may reduce the appearance of cellulite and Help Promote Hair Growth
*Orange Oil
Anti-Cancer D-limonene is a super-nutrient that occurs in Orange Essential Oil.
It has been studied extensively for its ability to prevent cellular mutations and combat cancer tumor growth....
encourages detoxification and is an Anti-septic It inhibits microbial growth


Vanilla Bean Soap

Made with Real Vanilla Beans..Carrier Oils are Olive, Coconut, Palm, And Castor Oil

A vanilla bean bath can help relieve respiratory congestions by opening the airways with its natural aromatic vanilla scent. Soaking in a warm vanilla bath can even help relieve the chills caused by the cold and flu. A soothing vanilla bean bath is also a great way to help calm and ease the body, mind and spirit before bedtime.

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