About Me

Welcome to the Olde Frost Farm built in 1780

I am an Artist...Mother of 3 Boys...Lover of Birds...I believe in living in Harmony with the Earth....I make all Natural Cold Process Soap along with Health Care Prouducts...Nothing artificial, just Healing oils, herbs, Botanical's in small batches I was interested in making Soap since i was young ...My inspiration for working with Herbs and Natural ingredients comes from my Mother and Grandmother...My Grandmother would forage herbs from the Woods out back of her farm...My Mom taught me about Good Nutrition and Vitamins....I learned about the benefits of many Plants and Herbs through my Mom, Dad, Grandmother and years of Studying.... I am continuing my study of Healing Naturally through Reiki ....I just received my first Reiki Degree which allows me to use Reiki Healing on my Friends & Family.... My Products are made with High Quality all Natural Chemical Free ingredients

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